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Hockey Movie and Television List

Ice Hockey has a long relationship with both the big screen and television.
This list was compiled by SIHR members in an effort to document both movies and television shows which were centered around hockey or simply featured hockey or some of the game's stars. It is currently maintained by Jean-Patrice Martel. The original version featured contributions from Mr. Martel, Jon Waldman, Paul Patskou, Bob Duff, Jim Coughlin, Michael Talbot and Karl-Eric Reif.
This is by no means a complete list and we welcome any additions or corrections, which should be sent to Commercials, video games and compilation videos (ex: Don Cherry's Rock 'Em Sock 'Em, etc) were not included at this time.


Updated - September 2008

Title a.k.a Type / Info Year
13 Going on 30 2004
1990: I guerrieri del Bronx 1990: The Bronx Warriors   1982
47 Seconds 2007
69 - Sixtynine   Finnish comedy/drama 1969
Above and Beyond 1997
Academy Boyz     2001
Accident, The TV Movie 1983
Accused, The     1988
Act of the Heart Acte du cÅ“ur 1970
Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie: Strange Brew, The Strange Brew   1983
African Journey 1990
Airborne     1993
Air Hockey Straight-to-video movie 2005
Airport in     1996
Aldrich Ames: Traitor Within TV Movie 1998
American President, The     1995
,,, and a Broom Factory NFB Documentary 1970
The April Fools     1969
Asa-Nisse slar till Swedish comedy 1965
Associate, The     1996
At First Sight 1999
Aurora Borealis     2005
Austin Powers in Goldmember 2002
Away from Her     2006
Bad News Bears, The 1976
Batman & Robin     1997
Battered Mug, The Documentary 1936
Beachcombers' Christmas, A   TV Movie 2004
Because of Mama 2001
Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt Berlin : Symphony of a Big City Silent B&W Documentary 1927
Best Friends 1982
Big     1988
Big Daddy 1999
Big Hex of Little Lulu   TV Special 1981
Blades and Brass NFB Documentary 1968
Blitzkrieg Canada at War: Blitzkrieg  Part 2 NFB Documentary 1962
Bluffing It TV Movie 1987
Boban hockeystjärnan Boban the Hockey Star Swedish animated short movie 2003
Body Human: The Magic Sense, The TV Special 1979
Bon Cop, Bad Cop     2006
Boy Named Charlie Brown, A Animated TV Special 1969
Boys, Les The Boys   1997
Boys II, Les The Boys II 1998
Boys III, Les Boys: La troisième période, Les   2001
Boys IV, Les 2005
Boys Are Back, The   Video 1989
Boys of St. Vincent, The 1991
Boys on the Bus   Video documentary 1987
Boys Who Loved Hockey, The Documentary 1998
Boy Who Drank Too Much, The   TV Movie 1980
Brankář bydlí v naší ulici Goalkeeper also lives on our street, The Bichrome Czech movie 1957
Brat 2 Brother 2 / On the Way Home Russian movie 2000
Breakfast with Scot 2007
Brighton Beach Memoirs Neil Simon's Brighton Beach Memoirs 1986
Brigitte Gall: Joan of Montréal TV Movie 1999
Bruce Almighty     2003
Bruno 2000
Canada Communique No. 1   NFB Documentary 1943
Canada Communique No. 17 NFB Documentary 1945
Canada Russia 72   Mini-Series 2006
Canada Vignettes: L'artiste Canada Vignettes: The Performer NFB Documentary 1978
Canadian Bacon     1995
Canadian Carnival Sportscope program 1955
CCCP Hockey   Swedish TV documentary 2004
Challenge from Dawson TV Special 1994
Champions: A Love Story   TV Movie 1979
Chasing Amy 1997
Chasing the Dream   TV Documentary 2002
Cheaper by the Dozen 2003
Chicks with Sticks Hockey Mom TV Movie 2004
Chiefs, Les Documentary 2004
Child in his Country, A   NFB Animated movie 1967
Children Enfants Ninos NFB Documentary 1979
Chilly Beach   Animated TV Series 2003
Cinderella Man 2005
Clark, The Canadian Hockey Goalie   Short movie 2003
Clerks 1994
Comrades of Summer   TV Movie 1992
Confort et l'indifférence, Le Comfort and Indifference/Québec et après Documentary 1982
Contract for Life: The S.A.D.D. Story   TV Movie 1984
Cool Runnings 1993
Cowards Bend The Knee     2003
Crash 2005
Cudowne dziecko Tales for all #4: The Young Magician 1987
Cutting Edge, The 1992
Cutting Edge 3: Chasing the Dream, The     2008
D2: The Mighty Ducks 1994
D3: The Mighty Ducks     1996
Damien: Omen II Omen II 1978
Dans les coulisses du hockey   TV documentary series 2004
Dans une galaxie près de chez vous 2004
Dawn of the Dead     1978
Day We Beat the Russians, The NFB Documentary 1983
Dead Connection Final Combination   1994
Deadliest Season, The TV Movie 1977
Deadly Deposits   NFB Animated movie 1993
Death by Popcorn Documentary 2005
Défi en chaise roulante   NFB Documentary 2004
Deine besten Jahre TV movie: German drama 1998
De l'autre côté de la glace   NFB short film 1983
Demo Crew 2001
Derailed     2005
Der Sieger The Victor / The Winner German comedy 1932
Deux femmes en or Two Women in Gold   1970
Disturbing Behavior 1998
Divine Ryans, The     1999
Dogma 1999
Do You Believe in Miracles? The Story of the 1980 U.S. Hockey Team   TV Special 2001
Dream Team, The 1989
Dropping the Gloves   Short movie 2004
Duke of West Point 1938
Dusk Canada at War: Dusk  Part 1   1962
Dutch 1991
East of Euclid     2004
Echoes in the Rink: The Willie O’Ree Story 1998
Eddie and the Cruisers II: Eddie Lives!     1989
EdTV 1999
Eight Crazy Nights Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights   2002
Einstein's Sisters Australian short comedy 2006
Eleven Seconds: The Travis Roy Story     ----
Elevhemmet Swedish short drama 2003
Encino Man     1992
Every Dog’s Guide to the Playground NFB animated short film 1991
Everyone Says I Love You     1996
Eye Witness No. 46 NFB Documentary 1952
Eye Witness No. 77   NFB Documentary 1955
Face-Off Winter Comes Early 1971
Falling from the Sky: Flight 174   TV Movie 1995
Fargo 1996
Fête des neiges Snow Fiesta NFB Documentary 1950
Fire and Ice: The Rocket Richard Riot Documentary 2000
Fire on Ice   Documentary about the IHL ????
First Canadian Winter Games: Québec 1967 1969
Flashing Blades   Educational movie 1939
Flesh Gordon 1974
Forgotten, The     2004
For Your Eyes Only 1981
Four Brothers     2005
French Kiss 1995
Friends of Eddie Coyle, The     1973
Fubar 2002
Game of Her Life, The   NFB documentary 1997
Game That Kills, The 1937
Gay Blades Tournament Tempo   1946
Generation TV Movie 1985
Genius   TV Movie 1999
Geraldine's Fortune 2004
Gina     1975
Glass Jar, The 1999
Go Figure   Disney TV movie 2005
Grande séduction, La Seducing Dr. Lewis 2003
Great Canadian, The   With Clark Gable; shooting stopped before completion 1940s
Great Hockey Puck Crisis, The c. 1970
Gremlins     1984
Gross Misconduct TV Special 1993
Grumpy Old Men     1993
Gurdeep Singh Bains NFB Documentary 1977
Guy Maddin: Waiting for Twilight   Documentary 1997
Happy Birthdaze Popeye cartoon 1943
Happy Gilmore     1996
Hasards ou coincidences Chance or Coincidence 1998
Heart of Whistler   Short comedy 2006
Heat 1995
H-E Double Hockey Sticks     1999
Helicopter Canada NFB Documentary 1966
Hell's Kitchen     1939
Here's Hockey! NFB Documentary 1953
Histoires d'hiver, Des     1999
Hockey European (probably Yugoslav) documentary 1966
Hockey: A People's History   TV Mini-series 2006
Hockey Cavalcade 1948
Hockey Champ, The   Disney's Donald Duck cartoon 1939
Hockey Champions Hockey: Canada's National Game 1933
Hockeyfeber Eishockey-fieber / Hockey Fever Norwegian drama 1983
Hockey Girl Never made 2002
Hockey Hick, A   9.5mm short movie 1932
Hockey Homicide Disney's Goofy cartoon 1945
Hockey Hunter, The   Short mockumentary  
Hockey Match on The Ice 1898
Hockey Match on The Ice at Montreal, Canada     1901
Hockey Match; Quebec 1898
Hockey Night     1984
Hockey Night in Canada TV Series 1952
Hockey Nomad, The   TV special 2003
Hockey Nomad in Russia TV Special 2005
Hockey Source, The   TV Series 2005
Home Alone 1990
Home Alone 3     1997
Home Game Ken Dryden's Home Game TV Mini-series 1989
Home Game   Short movie 1997
Honeymoon Merry-Go-Round Olympic Honeymoon 1940
Hot Ice   NFB Documentary 1940
Hot on Ice Documentary 1938
Hounds of Notre Dame     1980
Ice Angel On Thin Ice TV Movie 2000
Ice & Asphalt: The World of Hockey   Video 1995
Ice Castles 1978
Iced Lightning   Documentary 1946
Ice Princess 2005
Ice Time   Never made 2007
Idol of The Crowds 1937
Imagenes del deporte No 46   Spanish documentary 1972
Imagenes del deporte No 50 Spanish documentary 1972
Innocent     2005
Internal Affairs 1990
I See Ice   British comedy 1938
Isaac Littlefeathers 1984
Iso Vaalee   ??? 1983
It's A Pleasure 1945
Ixe-13     1972
Jaanmurtaja Finnish comedy 1997
Jack Frost     1998
J'ai mon voyage Enuff Is Enuff 1973
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back     2001
Jeu de l'hiver Joy of Winter NFB Documentary 1961
Jeux de Québec 1967   NFB Documentary 1967
John Kordic Story, The Never made 2001
Juegos deportivos   Spanish documentary 1964
Jungle Fever 1991
Junior     2008
Just Another Job NFB Documentary 1972
Juulian totuudet Juulia's Truths Finnish drama - TV mini-series 2002
Khokkeisty The Hockey Players Russian documentary 1964
Killer Tomatoes Strike Back!     1990
King of Hockey King of the Ice Rink 1936
Lance et compte He Shoots He Scores TV Mini-series 1986
Lance et compte II He Shoots He Scores II TV Mini-series 1988
Lance et compte III   TV Mini-series 1989
Lance et compte: Envers et contre tous TV Movie 1991
Lance et compte: La nouvelle génération Lance et compte IV TV Mini-series 2001
Lance et compte: La reconquête Lance et compte V TV Mini-series 2004
Lance et compte: La Revanche Lance et compte VI TV Mini-series 2006
Lance et compte: Le choix TV Movie 1991
Lance et compte: Le crime de Lulu   TV Movie 1991
Lance et compte: Le moment de vérité TV Movie 1991
Lance et compte: Le retour du chat   TV Movie 1991
Lance et compte: Tous pour un TV Movie 1991
Last Season, The     1987
Last Seduction, The 1994
Laughing Policeman, The     1973
Legends of Hockey 1996
Legends of Hockey, The Second Season     2000
Lethal Weapon 3 1992
Life After Hockey     1989
Little Black Book 2004
Little Hockey, A   Hungarian TV series 1988
Lookout, The 2007
Love Guru, The     2008
Love Story 1970
Luck     2004
Magic of David Copperfield XV, The: Fires of Passion TV Special 1993
Mallrats     1995
Maly velky hokejista Czech family movie 1982
Mambo Italiano     2003
Manhattan Melodrama 1934
Manhattan Murder Mystery     1993
Manon Rheaume: The Woman behind the Mask NFB Documentary 2000
Marion Bridge     2003
Masque, Le TV Mini-series 1997
Maurice Richard Rocket, The   2005
Maurice Richard: Histoire d’un Canadien Maurice Rocket Richard Story, The TV Mini-series 1999
Me, Myself and I     1989
Mighty Ducks, The 1992
Mighty Ducks, The   Animated TV series 1996
Mighty Ducks The Movie: The First Face-Off Animated video movie 1997
Miracle     2004
Miracle on Ice TV movie 1981
Mistri Champions Czech comedy 2004
Moms on Strike TV Movie 2002
Mon numéro 9 en or   NFB Animated B&W short movie 1972
Montréal vu par… Montreal Sextet 1991
Moskva Slezam ne Verit Moskow Does Not Believe in Tears / Moskow Distrusts Tears Soviet comedy drama 1979
MVP: Most Valuable Primate 2000
MVP 2: Most Vertical Primate     2001
MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives TV Series 2007
MXP: Most Xtreme Primate   Video 2003
My Friends Call Me Tony NFB Documentary 1975
Mystery, Alaska     1999
Mystery of The Million-Dollar Hockey Puck 1975
Mystic River     2003
Net Worth TV Movie 1995
News is made At Night     1939
New Waterford Girl 1999
Night at the Museum     2006
No Sleep 'Til Madison 2002
Nowhere to Go     1958
O Canada! 1982
Odd Couple, The   Movie 1968
Official Guide to Watching a Hockey Game, The Animated short movie 2007
Oliver's Story     1978
Olympic Glory Documentary 1999
One, The   TV Movie 2003
One Night Only 1986
One Summer's Day   B&W NFB documentary 1957
On Ice Disney's Mickey Mouse cartoon 1935
Only Thrill, The     1997
Ordinary Dress, The 2004
Overtime   Documentary 1984
Paperback Hero Last of the Big Guns 1973
Patinoire Rink, The   1963
Patinoire, La Ice Rink, The 1998
Perfectly Normal     1990
Perry Mason: The Case of the All-Star Assassin TV Movie 1989
Peter Puck   Animated series 1970
Peut-être Maurice Richard NFB Documentary 1971
Pianiste, La Piano Player, The   2001
Pledge, The 2001
Power Play   Christian movie 1994
Power Play TV series 1998
Powertown Story   NFB Documentary 1952
Prairie Landscapes Unfinished due to technical problem 1977
Pray for Me, Paul Henderson CBC's Magic Hour: Pray for Me, Paul Henderson TV Movie 1989
Pride Japanese TV Series 2004
Pro Beach Hockey ESPN’s Pro Beach Hockey TV series (2 seasons) 1999
Problem Child 3: Junior in Love TV Movie 1995
Pro Stars   Animated TV series 1990
Puck Chasers Documentary 1945
Pucked Pre Approved; The Trouble with Frank 2006
Puck This Short Canadian movie 2005
Pushing Tin     1999
Raccoons on Ice, The TV Animated special 1981
Raising Helen     2004
Rent-A-Goalie TV Series 2006
Rhino Brothers, The     2001
Roadkill 1989
Rocket, Le Rocket, The NFB Documentary 1998
Rollerball 2002
Rollerboy     2003
Ronnie & Julie TV Movie 1997
Rookies CBC's Magic Hour: Rookies TV Movie 1989
Running Man, The 1987
Running Scared     2006
Sabotage 1996
Scott Hamilton: Upside Down   TV Special 1996
Screech Owls Children's TV Series 2001
Senseless     1998
Sheldon: A Story of Human Courage CTV Documentary 1999
Sheldon Kennedy Story, The     1999
Shinny: The Hockey in All of Us NFB documentary 2001
Shipping News, The     2001
Slap Shot 1977
Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice   Video movie 2002
Snitch Monument Ave. 1998
Snow Day     2000
Snowden on Ice TV Special 1997
Soirée du hockey, La   TV series 1952
Solarbabies Solar Warriors 1986
Solyaris Solaris Russian movie 1972
South of Wawa 1991
South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut   Animated movie 1999
Special Delivery TV Movie 2000
Species     1995
Sport est-il trop commercialisé, Le NFB Documentary 1955
Sport et les hommes, Le Of Sport and Men   1959
Sports and Seasons NFB Documentary 1946
Stardom 15 Moments   2000
Stay Tuned 1992
Sticks and Stones   TV Movie 2008
Stick, The TV Special 2004
Straight Acting     2005
Stuck on You 2003
Sudden Death     1995
Sunshine and Eclipse (1927-1934) NFB Documentary 1960
Suspense     1946
Sweater, The Animated movie 1980
Swingers     1996
Table Hockey: The Movie TV movie 2003
Tales of the Mouse Hockey League   Animated TV special 1986
Team Spirit: The Jordin and Terence Tootoo Story TV special 2004
Team Suomi   Finnish/American comedy 1994
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III 1993
Telefon     1977
Thunderbirds in China NFB Documentary 1974
Tigress     1977
Time Shifters, The Thrill Seekers 1999
Times Square Lady     1935
Tom Green: Tonsil Hockey Video 1999
Touch and Go     1986
Tournament, The - Season 1 TV Series 2004
Tournament, The - Season 2   TV Series 2005
Toy Story 1995
Trapped in a Purple Haze   TV Movie 2000
Trial of Vivienne Ware, The 1932
"Troubbes" de Johnny, Les     1974
Twenty-Four Hours in Czechoslovakia NFB Documentary 1968
Under the Gun     1988
Un jeu si simple Documentary 1963
Untamed Heart     1993
Utlaginn (Gisla Saga Surssonar) The Saga of Gisli Icelandic movie 1981
Valery's Ankle   16-mm documentary 2006
Van Wilder National Lampoon's Van Wilder 2002
Vice Versa     1988
Violon de Gaston, Le Gaston's Recital 1974
V.I. Warshawski     1991
Vorobej na ldu Sparrow on Ice Russian movie 1983
Waking Up Wally: The Walter Gretzky Story   TV Movie 2005
Wapos Bay "There's no 'I' in Hockey" Stop-frame animation short 2005
War Between Us, The   NFB Documentary 1995
Warhead 1996
Wayne’s World     1992
Wayne’s World 2 1993
Weed     2004
White Lightning 1953
Window on Canada No. 59: Is Commercialism Changing Canadian Sport?   NFB documentary 1955
Winning Goal, The Episode of The Collegians 1928
Wrestlemania X-Seven   Video 2001
Yesterday Scoring/This Time Forever/The Victory 1981
You Must Remember This Kurt Browning's You Must Remember This TV Special 1994
Youngblood 1986
Zápas tygru Kampf der Tiger German/Czech TV movie 1986
Zhrebij Lot Soviet drama 1974
Zkroceni zlého muze Reilu Peli (Finnish name) Czech/Finnish comedy 1988