Mandate of the SIHR

The Society was founded in 1991 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, by a group of seventeen people attending the Canadian Association of Sports Heritage meeting. Click here to read a brief history of SIHR.

Governed by a constitution which was originally adopted at Montreal on May 22, 1993, and amended on May 28, 2016, in Kingston, Ontario, the Society has the following objects:

The object of the Society shall be to record and preserve the history of hockey by collecting, cataloguing, and preserving historical information and records, and by making them available to the public through presentations, articles, journals, books, exhibits, website and social media.

Board of Directors

Fred Addis


Bill Sproule


Aubrey Ferguson


Bryan Lawrence



Regional Directors

Waxy GregoireRegional Vice-President Ontario
Stephane HarveyRegional Vice-President Quebec
Doug PottieRegional Vice-President Atlantic
Helen EdwardsRegional Vice-President Canada West
Ed NorrisRegional Vice-President USA East
Tim BeeverRegional Vice-President USA West
Paul DinnageDirector-at-large Canada
Martin HarrisDirector-at-large International