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Title Author Date
A History of Hockey Violence: 1900–1926 Oskar Tallqvist July 4, 2021
Arkadi Chernyshov, the Forgotten Head Coach Marcel Lang June 26, 2021
Trafford Hicks: Harvard star in Hobey Baker’s shadow Oskar Tallqvist May 11, 2021
The Citizen Shield: The Battle Prize of the Ottawa Valley Oskar Tallqvist April 16, 2021
Ottawa New Edinburghs and the Ottawa City Hockey League Oskar Tallqvist March 31, 2021
Lloyd Percival and Soviet Hockey (Part 2) Marcel Lang March 19, 2021
Lloyd Percival and Soviet Hockey (Part 1) Marcel Lang March 11, 2021
John McGrath – Ice hockey player and Teddy Roosevelt’s right-hand man Oskar Tallqvist February 24, 2021
Ottawa Victorias – How Jimmy Enright’s boys came to challenge for the Stanley Cup Oskar Tallqvist February 10, 2021
The Birth of Soviet Hockey Marcel Lang February 1, 2021
The Rise and Demise of the Brooklyn Skating Club Oskar Tallqvist January 11, 2021
Did Eduard Ivanov play Forward at the 1964 Olympic Games? Marcel Lang December 21, 2020
A Family Business: The Smiths of Ottawa Oskar Tallqvist November 26, 2020
Jamaica High School's Decade of Dominance (1920-1929) John Lokka November 15, 2020
Wembley Lions versus Soviet Union 1955 – A view from the Russian side Marcel Lang November 10, 2020
The Alexander Cup Society for International Hockey Research October 18, 2020
Jimmy Kelly - The man in the lucky black cap Stewart Roberts July 21, 2020
SIHR Book Feature on HF Boards Society for International Hockey Research July 12, 2020
Schooley Scandal Plagues Pittsburgh Pucksters John Lokka May 9, 2020
A Londoner upsets the Reds - Wembley Lions versus the Soviet Union 1955 Stewart Roberts April 5, 2020
2020 Online Annual General Meeting Scheduled Society for International Hockey Research March 27, 2020
The Sunday Game that wasn’t John Lokka January 14, 2020
A Christmas Free-for-all Paul Christman December 25, 2019
A Few Minutes with Larry Pleau Jim Howard November 13, 2019
2019 Fall Meeting in Quebec City Recap Society for International Hockey Research October 22, 2019
The Brooklyn Skating Club's Battle with Professionalism John Lokka May 7, 2019
Mystery Player - Solved Society for International Hockey Research December 20, 2018
Celebrating a Half Century of Recognition Paul Schurman July 2, 2018
Team Identification. Can You Help? Society for International Hockey Research June 23, 2018
What's new with the old NHL stats? Jean-Patrice Martel April 1, 2018
Unidentified Hockey Team Jean-Patrice Martel January 23, 2018
2017 Members Hockey Pool in Support of Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer Ed Norris September 12, 2017
Silver, Gold and “Ding” Jim Howard August 19, 2017
Stats Not So Golden for Seals Steve Currier July 15, 2017
The Inaugural Season Kevin Shea June 15, 2017
The “First” Stanley Cup Rings? J. Andrew Ross May 30, 2017
Who Really Has the Record of Most Coaching Wins for the Boston Bruins? Ed Norris May 16, 2017
Alfred 'Ralph' Winsor Jim Howard May 3, 2017
Mystery Player on a Mystery Team Kevin Shea March 27, 2017
Scarce On-ice Photo of the Philadelphia Quakers Society for International Hockey Research December 17, 2016
Percentage of US players in the NHL - 1920 to 2016 Society for International Hockey Research December 4, 2016
Pre-NHL Stanley Cup Challenge List Eric Zweig November 17, 2015
The Fickle Finger of Fate Steve Currier March 8, 2015
Whose Mayor's Cup — RPI's or Union's? Blaise Farina February 15, 2015
Hyperbolic Reporting in Hockey Kevin Slater February 1, 2015
The Curse of the Maple Leafs Steve Currier January 18, 2015
Thoughts on J. P. Parise Greg Oliver January 11, 2015
Watching the 1964 Olympic Hockey Final Bryan Lawrence December 21, 2014
Two Great Events in Bracebridge Hockey History Ken Veitch December 14, 2014
Two Great Events in Bracebridge Hockey History Ken Veitch December 14, 2014
The French Canadian Rule Liam Maguire November 30, 2014
Wasn’t That a Party! Eric Zweig November 16, 2014
Shep Mayer Greg Oliver November 11, 2014
Notes on the RPI-Union Route 7 Rivalry, Halloween Weekend 2014 Blaise Farina November 9, 2014
THE PUNISHMENT SHOULD FIT THE CRIME Steve Currier October 19, 2014
Sweeney Schriner And The Dangers Of Back-Checking Chris Mizzoni October 5, 2014
AS IT HAPPENS - 50 YEARS AGO TODAY IN HOCKEY!! Rick Cole September 28, 2014
The Strangest Game Kevin Slater September 21, 2014
Who's To Blame for the Free Angent Frenzy Steve Currier September 7, 2014
Dogs, Cats, Cups & Cars Eric Zweig August 10, 2014
Entering Wally's World Greg Oliver July 27, 2014
Lament for the Blockbuster Deal Steve Currier July 20, 2014
One Game Wondered Eric Zweig July 13, 2014
Conn Smythe Gets One Wrong, Sort Of Chris Mizzoni July 6, 2014
Kings-Rangers Stanley Cup Final Series at a Glance: Goals and Penalties Alan Reifman June 29, 2014
How likely is it that a series will go to seven games if the teams are evenly matched? Jean-Patrice Martel June 22, 2014
Are the Los Angeles Kings on their Way to Becoming the First Dynastic Team of the New Millennium? Kevin Slater June 12, 2014