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Curated by Aubrey Ferguson

The SIHR Hockey Publication Database was assembled to complement the interests of fellow SIHR members — that overlapping convergence of historians, researchers, writers, collectors and readers — all interested in the growing cache of hockey books, guides and promotional publications.

It is intended to be an all-inclusive database that will in time cover historical works, biographies and autobiographies, statistics, instructional, humour and fiction. The contents springboard from the work of others, most notably The Hockey Bibliography, Ice Hockey Worldwide by Douglas Thoms, 1978 and has been supplemented with titles, images and lists provided mostly by our members.

Printed book listings are outdated the moment that they are published; our web-based initiative is intended to be dynamic and will remain the most comprehensive reference course anywhere, and available only to SIHR members

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Note the contents of the hockey publication DB have only been partially populated but we are working to add more. Thank you for your patience.

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