Hockey Heroes of Beechwood Tour - June 12, 2011

A beautiful sunny day with a light breeze greeted visitors to Beechwood Cemetery for the annual historical walking tour. This year's event was titled "Hockey Heroes of Beechwood" and was sponsored by SIHR, which provided the biographical information on the featured players.

Thanks to the efforts of Nicole Bedard at Beechwood and the generosity of the City of Ottawa, actors from the Orleans Young Players Theatre School brought to life the many hockey personalities featured. Sketches were written by Sue Fleming and directed by Kathi Langston.

Paul Kitchen addresses the group and discusses early hockey history in Ottawa prior to the start of the tour.

Guides Ian Stauffer and Cathy Brown narrated biographies to compliment the sketches.

John Cook portrays a tense E.P. Dey, owner of the Ottawa Senators, during the Stanley Cup series against Vancouver

Francis Kenny played the role of Hall of Fame inductee Bruce Stuart, who recounted his time on the ice with brother Hod in conversation with a patron played by Ann Marie Neilsen. Stuart operated a shoe store in Ottawa for decades after retiring from hockey.

Actors Julia Elliott, Erin MacDonald, Madison Bellini and Sophia Hullin played the roles of early female stars Eva Ault and Shirley Moulds and school girls researching the women for a project.

Mathieu Gorley assumed the role of Clint Benedict who wandered into a hardware store looking for supplies to build a face mask. David Elliott was the shopkeeper's son.

Randy Bellini, playing the role of Eddie Gerrard's father, discusses his son's fortunes with a fellow worker played by Andre Lacasse.

Hayden Smith as Jack Darragh, introducing his daughter to friends and fans on Sparks street.

Sarah Benfield as Eleanor Creighton with Gordon Watts as hockey pioneer James George Aylwin Creighton.

Photos by James Milks