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2019 Fall Meeting in Quebec City

SIHR’s Behind the Boards

2019 Fall Meeting in Quebec City

Society for International Hockey Research
Posted July 13, 2019

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Quebec City in autumn (Photo: Pedro Lastra)

2019 Fall Meeting - October 18 to 20, 2019

The SIHR 2019 Fall Meeting will be held in Quebec City, Quebec, the weekend of October 18-20, 2019. The group will attend the Quebec Ramparts (QMJHL) game as the team hosts Rimouski at Centre Videotron on Friday, October 18 at 7:30 PM.

The location, agenda and specifics of the Saturday meeting and lodging will be available soon.

Call for Presentations

Several slots are available for research presentations on Saturday, October 19. If you are interested in making a presentation on your research or work please contact Bill Sproule ( by Friday, August 23 so that he can finalize the program and share it with our members and others.

If you would like to display and sell new or used books at the meeting, please let Bill know and he will arrange a table for the Saturday session.

Hotel Details

Please keep in mind that Quebec City is a very touristic place, especially Old Quebec, and mid-October is still considered “in season”, so reserving as soon as possible is advisable.

In order to find a combination of service level and pricing that suits everyone, rooms have been set aside at two different hotels.

Option 1

Pavillon Louisbourg (hôtel Nouvelle-France) is just around the corner from Hôtel Acadia where we stayed at the 2008 AGM, for those who remember it. It also belongs to the same group (hôtel Nouvelle-France). The address is 68 Saint-Louis Street. It is a mere 350 m from Château Frontenac (thus slightly closer than the Acadia Hotel). At that hotel, we have 11 rooms set aside with one double bed, for $160/night plus tax and parking. We also have 4 rooms set aside with one Queen bed, for $180/night plus tax and parking. Breakfast is included. Parking is valet parking and costs $22 per night plus tax.  If you want to save slightly on parking, there is a public parking at 29, côte de la Fabrique, that charges $17.50 per day, at a walking distance of about 550 m (estimated as an 8-minute walk).

To reserve at Pavillon Louisbourg, call 418-694-0280, mention reservation number 346709, and indicate which type of room/price you wish to reserve.

Option 2

For budget-conscious attendees, Auberge Saint-Louis, is less than 100 m away from Pavillon Louisbourg, actually closer to Château Frontenac. The address is 48 Saint-Louis Street. We have also 15 rooms set aside there for our group. Each room has a private sink, but most rooms have shared bathroom and/or shower. Prices vary accordingly. There are rooms at $79/night, at $109/night, at $119/night, at $129/night, and at $139/night. For people who like to share rooms, note that few rooms have two beds, but a handful have a bed and a sofa bed, so that is an option.

The list of available rooms is found below, together with prices before tax. Note that the amount written as “Total” is for two nights, so the amount per night is half of that. Parking is $18/day. When you get there, you should park in front of the hotel and leave your car’s lights on, then get the parking stub inside the hotel. The parking is just across the street (at 39, Saint-Louis Street) and is called “SPAQ Maison de Beaucours”. You may also park at 29, côte de la Fabrique, as explained above, for $17.50 per day.

To reserve at Auberge Saint-Louis, call 418-692-2424, mention reservation number 103571294028 and tell them which room you would like to reserve. Keep in mind that, as members reserve rooms, the choice will become more limited.

If you have general questions regarding the hotels, please contact Jean-Patrice Martel at You can also call JP at 450-658-6109, but during work hours, he may not be able to answer immediately. JP may be able to help people who wish to use public transport and who would need a lift to/from the airport/train station/bus station. Please contact him in advance.

To get to either of the hotels, if you’re coming from the South shore of the St. Lawrence, whether West or East, cross the River on Pierre-Laporte bridge (road 73), then take exit 134-E “Boul. Laurier”. Stay on Boul. Laurier (towards East), which will become Grande Allée, which will become rue Saint-Louis, where both hotels are (on the left side of the street, which is a one-way street by that point). The distance from the 134-E exit to the hotels is about 8.5 km.

If you’re coming from the North shore of the St. Lawrence (presumably highway 40), stay on Highway 40, which will become Boul. Charest. Then make a right on Dorchester street, which becomes Côte d’Abraham, and then make a right on Avenue Honoré-Mercier (road 175). Keep going on that avenue until you get to Saint-Louis Street, and then make a left. The hotels will be at 200 m or 300 m depending on the hotel.

Saturday Meeting

Details about the venue of the meeting as well as guests and speakers will be available soon.

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