Two Minutes for Reading so Good

Zweig Busy, Marshall almost Ready and Denault on the Mend

Two Minutes for Reading so Good

Greg Oliver

Zweig Busy, Marshall almost Ready and Denault on the Mend

Posted July 20, 2017

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Thanks to the responses with my initial column here on the SIHR website. On to another period of words about hockey.


The latest book from Eric Zweig, a two-time Society for International Hockey Research award winner, with the 2005 Brian McFarlane Award and the first recipient of the Paul Kitchen Award in 2016, might have slipped past you, like Mitch Marner going down the wing at the Air Canada Centre. After all, it's aimed at someone more Marner's age than the audience of, say, his great book Art Ross: The Hockey Legend Who Built the Bruins.

MVP Superstars by Eric Zweig

MVP Superstars 2017 came out earlier this year, and here's the blurb on it:

Hockey, basketball, soccer, football and baseball fans unite! Meet twenty of the players at the top of their game. Profiles include bios and glossy, full-page colour photos. MVP Superstars includes top players of each sport, players on Canadian teams and Canadian players league-wide. It’s the ultimate book for the ultimate Canadian sports fan.

Many of you have met my son, Quinn, at SIHR events around Toronto. Like me, he loves to read and share his opinion. Since he spends so much time on YouTube (what kid doesn't these days?), we have been encouraging him to review new books on his channel. So I'll turn it over to Quinn for his thoughts on Eric's latest:


What's next for Eric? Lots!

“There are actually eight of them!” wrote Zweig in an email. “The big one is The Toronto Maple Leafs: The Complete Oral History for Dundurn. But there’s also this and new and updated The Big Book of Hockey for Kids 2 for Scholastic. And a series of books on the Original Six for kids with Crabtree.”

Those kids playing for the Leafs must be excited!


SIHR member Frank Kruzich recently had a chat with Willie Marshall and was updated on the status of Marshall's autobiography. It should be out this fall, self-published.

Don't know who Willie Marshall is? Well, you're not alone, but that's kind of a shame.

He's the all-time leading scorer in the American Hockey League, and the league has been handing out the Willie Marshall Award to its top goal scorer since 2004.

But the flipside of being the best ever in the AHL is that he never got more than a glance at the NHL, as his rights were held by the mighty Maple Leafs during most of his career. He was also Red Wings property for a time.

Just one more great from Kirkland Lake, Ontario. If you get a chance, ask Frank about that place too!


Speaking of  Brian McFarlane Award winners, Todd Denault, the pride of Cobourg, Ontario (along with the 2017 RBC Cup champion Cobourg Cougars), won the award at the most recent SIHR event in Ottawa, but health issues prevented him from attending.

It's been baby steps for Todd since then, but he's been supported by the community, which is appropriate given all the time he's donated to coaching baseball and hockey around town.

Those of us who are a part of Todd's Hockey Books page on Facebook were thrilled when he got back to posting regularly. He loves to check out the lists of who was born on a particular day and tie it into a hockey book, often obscure ones too. If you're on Facebook, you can find the group here:

Todd recently started driving again, and he posted about it on July 18: “Another positive step on the road to recovery = getting behind the wheel of the car (for the first time since the end of March) and going for a nice, relaxing drive through town on a beautiful day, with the windows down and the music cranked ... life is good ...”

SIHR President Wayne Geen recently made a drive too, heading to Cobourg all the way from Oshawa (about 30 minutes on the always smooth-moving 401) to present Todd with his McFarlane Award.

Wayne Geen presenting McFarlane Award to Todd Denault


Since this a new project, really just getting up and running, I'm in the process of collecting some author interviews, and will try to time the article closer to a book's publication. George Grimm and I have already talked about his memoir of the New York Rangers during the Emile Francis era – with The Cat as a key participant in the whole process. It's called We Did Everything But Win, and it'll be out this fall.

And it feels a little like I'm going back to Ryerson University to talk with two professors, Jason Blake and Andrew C. Holman, about their upcoming collection of essays, The Same but Different: Hockey in Quebec.

If you're an author, get in touch!


As always, I welcome your suggestions, notes, and feedback on other books and authors to feature here. You can be email me at and you can follow me on Twitter @gregmep. For info on my own books, see

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As always, I welcome your suggestions, notes, and feedback on other books and authors to feature here. You can email me at and you can follow me on Twitter @gregmep. For info on my own books, see