SIHR hosts two meetings annually - the Annual General Meeting in spring and a fall meeting.

Meetings are open to all members and are organized and hosted by members. The theme of a meeting is fluid, and may or may not be held in conjunction with another event. It's up to the organizer!

Members at the 2017 Annual General Meeting in Ottawa

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Past Meetings

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Date Location Details
October 18 & 19, 2019 Quebec City, Quebec Quebec City was the picture perfect setting for the 2019 fall gathering of the Society.
May 17-18, 2019 Windsor, Ontario SIHR finally found its way south along the 401 to Windsor, Ontario, the home of the Bulldogs, the Spitfires and a myriad of other less well remembered teams, for the 2019 AGM.
October 19 to 21, 2018 Dallas, Texas Some of the wettest weather in Texas history wasn't enough to dampen the spirits of the SIHR members who travelled to Dallas for the annual fall meeting hosted by the Dallas Stars.
May 25 to 27, 2018 Parry Sound, Ontario The Spring 2018 meeting of the Society for International Hockey Research was held in Parry Sound, Ontario, on the weekend of May 25-27, and featured a good variety of speakers, research presentations, food and drinks, and laughs.
November 24 to 26, 2017 Montréal, Québec The 2017 Fall Meeting of the Society for International Hockey Research was held in Montréal, Québec, on the weekend of November 24-26. This particular weekend was chosen to coincide with the centennial of the National Hockey League, which was founded on November 26, 1917, at Montréal's Windsor Hotel.
May 19 to 21, 2017 Gatineau, Québec / Ottawa, Ontario As part of the Canada 150 celebrations, SIHR met in Gatineau, Quebéc, at the Canadian Museum of History. The special guests were former Ottawa Senators players Jim Kyte and Laurie Boschman.
October 28 and 29, 2016 Toronto, Ontario A cornucopia of special guests — Red Kelly, Ron Ellis, Danny Lewicki, Gerry McNamara and Ralph Mellanby — were on hand in Canada's largest city for the 2016 fall meeting.
May 27 to 29, 2016 Kingston, Ontario SIHR returned to the city of its founding for the 25th anniversary of the organization. Special guests were Fred O'Donnell, Roy B. Conacher Jr. and Mark Potter.
November 6 to 8, 2015 Saint Paul, Minnesota The Minnesota Wild played host to SIHR for the fall meeting on Friday, November 6 through to November 8, 2015. Special guests were General Manager Chuck Fletcher and assistant coaches Darby Hendrickson and Bob Mason.
May 15 to 17, 2015 Fredericton, New Brunswick SIHR members returned to the Celestial City, Fredericton, New Brunswick, for the 2015 Annual General Meeting. SIHR members were joined by former Minnesota North Star Danny Grant
October 2014 Sherbrooke, Quebec Beavers' city delivers a "dam" good show. SIHR members were joined by Jocelyn Thibault
May 23 to 25, 2014 Penatanguishine, Ontario The Midland Sports Hall of Fame was the site of the group's 23rd AGM, and featured Hockey Hall of Fame inductee Pierre Pilote.
October 2013 Renfrew, Ontario The NHA/NHL museum in Renfrew played host to SIHR for the 2013 fall meeting.
May 25, 2013 Utica, New York The meeting featured Jack Kane and Borden Smith of the famous 1967/68 championship Clinton Comets, who are regarded as one of the most successful franchises in the 40-year history of the old EHL.
October 20, 2012 Orillia, Ontario The Stephen Leacock Museum in Orillia was the site of the 2012 fall meeting which featured research presentations on Dit Clapper, Tommy Phillips,Les Kozak, the Orillia Terriers of 72-73 and twins in the NHL.
May 19, 2012 Halifax, Nova Scotia Halifax was the site of the 2012 AGM weekend which was packed with activities and featured J.P. Bordeleau, Brian MacKenzie and Dean Dachyshyn.
October 22, 2011 Saguenay, Quebec Read the summary of the October 22nd fall meeting which featured Marc Fortier, general manager of the Saguenéens and former NHL player.
May 28, 2011 Kingston, Ontario The Twentieth Anniversary meeting was held in Kingston, Ontario, the city in which SIHR was founded. Former Jets goaltender Ed Staniowski spoke.
October 30, 2010 Toronto, Ontario SIHR members met at the state of the art D.K. “Doc” Seaman Hockey Resource Centre hosted by Curators Phil Pritchard and Craig Campbell.
May 15, 2010 Brandon, Manitoba SIHR headed to the Canadian West for the first time for the 2010 AGM in Brandon, Manitoba. Former New York Rangers captain Bones Raleigh was the guest speaker.
October 17, 2009 Belleville, Ontario Belleville, Ontario, played host to SIHR at the historic Belleville Club for the 2009 fall meeting. Special guest included members of the World Champion 1959 Belleville McFarlands.
May 16, 2009 Montreal, Quebec The Montreal Canadiens hosted SIHR members at the Bell Centre. Rejean Houle was the guest speaker.
October 18, 2008 Warwick, Rhode Island The 2008 fall meeting was held in Rhode Island and featured former R.I. Reds and NHL players Ross Brooks, Fern Flaman and Don McKenney.
May 17, 2008 Quebec City, Quebec The 2008 AGM was held in Quebec City, featuring former player Dave Pichette, Murray Costello, IIHF VP Americas and Craig Campbell from the Hockey Hall of Fame.
October 27, 2007 Springfield, Massachusetts The 2007 fall meeting in Springfield, Massachusetts, featuring the son of Eddie Shore Ted Shore and former player Jim Anderson.
May 19, 2007 Ottawa, Ontario The 2007 AGM featuring Prime Minister Stephen Harper and former Canadiens Leo Gravelle was held in Ottawa, Ontario.
October 28, 2006 Whitby, Ontario 2006 fall meeting in Whitby, featuring members of the 1958 Whitby Dunlops
May 20, 2006 Moncton, New Brunswick 2006 AGM in Moncton, featuring Bob Mongrain
October 29, 2005 Cambridge, Ontario The 2005 fall meeting was in Cambridge, Ontario, featuring Gord Renwick, Boat Hurley and Norm DeFelice
May 21, 2005 Montreal, Quebec 2005 Annual General Meeting in Montreal
September 25, 2004 Houghton, Michigan 2004 fall meeting in Houghton, Michigan, featuring Bill Coppo
May 22, 2004 Kingston, Ontario 2004 AGM in Kingston, featuring former NHLers Jim Dorey and Ron Plumb
November 1, 2003 Burlington, Ontario 2003 fall meeting in Burlington featuring Gaye Stewart
May 17, 2003 Richmond Hill, Ontario 2003 AGM in Richmond Hill featuring Red Kelly
October 19, 2002 St. Paul, Minnesota 2002 fall meeting in St. Paul, Minnesota. Speakers were Doug Risebrough and Murray Oliver
May 18, 2002 Peterborough, Ontario 2002 AGM in Peterborough. Speakers were former NHLers Red Sullivan and Joey Johnston. (Total group membership: 200)
October 27, 2001 Port Colborne, Ontario The 2001 fall meeting was held in Port Colborne, featuring Ed Chadwick
May 19, 2001 Montreal, Quebec The 2001 AGM was held in Montreal. Guest speaker was Jacques Demers.
October 28, 2000 Hamilton, Ontario The 2000 fall meeting was in Hamilton. with former NHL referee Bill Friday and Steve Dryden, editor in chief of The Hockey News.
May 20, 2000 Ottawa, Ontario The 2000 AGM was in Ottawa. Speaker was University of Ottawa and Italian National Team coach.Mickey Goulet
October 16, 1999 Kingston, Ontario SIHR partied like it was 1999 at the fall meeting Kingston. The guest speaker was former NHLer Rick Smith. No sign of Prince.
May 22, 1999 Toronto, Ontario The 1999 AGM was in Toronto, Ontario.
October 31, 1998 Cambridge, Ontario The 1998 fall meeting was in Cambridge, Ontario.
May 16, 1998 Montreal, Quebec The 1998 AGM was in Montreal, Quebec.
October 25, 1997 Kingston, Ontario The 1997 fall meeting was held in Kingston, Ontario.
May 17, 1997 Fredericton, New Brunswick The 1997 AGM was held in Fredericton, New Brunswick.
September 28, 1996 Montreal, Quebec The 1996 fall meeting was held in Montreal, Quebec.
May 18, 1996 Toronto, Ontario The 1996 AGM was held in Toronto, Ontario.
October 28, 1995 Cooperstown, New York The fall meeting took place in the home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Cooperstown, New York.
May 20, 1995 Ottawa, Ontario AGM - Ottawa, Ontario. (Total group membership: 80)
September 24, 1994 Kingston, Ontario Kingston, Ontario
May 21, 1994 Toronto, Ontario Toronto, Ontario
September 25, 1993 Colborne, Ontario Colborne, Ontario
May 22, 1993 Montreal, Quebec Montreal, Quebec
October 24, 1992 Kingston, Ontario Kingston, Ontario
May 23, 1992 Toronto, Ontario Toronto, Ontario
October 26, 1991 Kingston, Ontario Kingston, Ontario
May 18, 1991 Kingston, Ontario First AGM - held in Kingston, Ontario. (17 Members)